Our Mission

The Family Strengthening Network (FSN) empowers families to achieve their dreams and be successful in all areas of life. Through free, personal and confidential sessions with a trained Family Advocate, families develop a clear plan to accomplish their goals and receive all the tools, resources and opportunities necessary to complete their plan.

FSN offers educational seminars and small groups in a variety of areas that are critical to the well-being of the family. FSN also provides family fun events and community volunteering opportunities which reinforce the relationship bonds within families. 



The Family Strengthening Network aims to improve the family unit as a whole, thus improving the quality of life of all family members. FSN empowers families in the following targeted areas: financial, employment, health & wellness, academic excellence, service-learning, and healthy relationships. 



FSN trains Family Advocates to coach families to self-identify their needs, while empowering them to successfully achieve their goals. Family Advocates are dedicated to walking alongside families, thinking outside the box for solutions, and providing tools and services that families use in reaching their goals.

  • Ongoing Support

  • Resources

  • Goal Setting Techniques

  • Encouragement

  • Creative Solutions

  • Accountability

Family Advocates operate within churches, schools, community centers, workplaces, and other locations. This enables the Family Advocate to seamlessly establish rapport with families and connect them to supports within their existing community. 



The Family Strengthening Network was established in 2012, with five formal partnerships housing Family Advocates. The Family Strengthening Network today has Family Advocates in 25 locations, serving thousands annually. Since inception:

  • 224 families reduced their overall debt

  • 316 families participated in a small group to improve familial relationships

  • 144 families established an emergency savings fund

  • 124 individuals secured employment or promotion

  • 56 families found new housing

  • 76 families obtained health insurance

Our Annual Family Day of Service

Families that volunteer together, grow together. The Family Day of Service is an event where families join together to participate in meaningful volunteer projects. Adults, children, and students are given the opportunity to serve alongside one another while giving back to their local community. Learn more about this event here.

This event was a huge blessing to my family. My 6-year-old had a blast helping out. I love that we can help children all over the world in such a practical way. It was such a great learning experience for my children, my husband, and me.
— Michelle Bannio